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You have already visited Gentle Dentistry in Tampa, Florida, and undergone a root canal to save your tooth. Now, a week later, you are suddenly experiencing new problems with the same tooth. You are worried this means the tooth will need to be extracted, but the reality is that the tooth can still be saved via an endodontic surgical procedure called an apicoectomy. Drs. Angela Rasmussen and Amanda Del Cueto guide patients to the specialized care they require to avoid tooth replacement options by recommending apicoectomy surgery.

Why Is Apicoectomy Needed?

The very furthest point of a tooth’s root is called the apex. An apicoectomy (also called root end surgery) removes any diseased tissue in the apex area. During an apicoectomy, the apex is also removed, allowing the end of the canal to be filled. This procedure effectively removes any infection, preventing it from spreading to nearby bone and tissue. An apicoectomy also relieves any pain or discomfort caused by infection-related inflammation. 

When you are in experienced hands, the success rate of root canal therapy is quite high. However, due to the complexity of a tooth’s anatomy, the healing from a root canal procedure can lead to new problems within the tooth that are triggered by:

  • A narrow or missed canal
  • Delay in the placement of a dental crown on the treated tooth
  • A loose or damaged crown
  • A newly developed area of decay or trauma

There Is Nothing to Fear

An apicoectomy is a precise, carefully planned, brief, and minimally traumatic procedure. A very small incision is made into the gum underneath the tooth to provide access to the tooth’s root. Cleaning and disinfection of the infected tooth’s roots will be performed, and the incision will then be closed with minimal sutures for fast healing. As healing commences, the bone will fuse around the root tip. 

Drs. Rasmussen and Del Cueto are here to walk you through this process and provide any post-procedure care instructions. Most patients who receive an apicoectomy can resume normal daily activities the next day. 

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