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Biological Shaping

Drs. Angela Rasmussen and Amanda Del Cueto welcome you to Gentle Dentistry in Tampa, Florida. We are happy to offer a wide range of dental services and treatments, including periodontal treatments such as biologic shaping.

What Is Biologic Shaping?

Comparable to crown lengthening, biologic shaping is a form of periodontal treatment that is needed when the margins of a tooth extend too far below the gum line (called subgingival). This advanced treatment is different from traditional crown lengthening as it is typically indicated when there is involvement in furcation (the area between the roots of teeth). Traditional crown lengthening is required to reposition bone matter away from the margin of the tooth. Biologic shaping is needed to reposition the tooth margin away from the bone. 

The Steps of Biologic Shaping

Drs. Rasmussen and Del Cueto will perform an examination, during which your dental X-rays and photos will be reviewed with you. A diagnosis will then be made for a biologically shaped crown. After this, a treatment plan will be developed, including the tooth preparation needing to be biologically shaped. This will be done with a periodontist who will apply a provisional (temporary) crown to the tooth once all decay has been removed. A surgical provisional crown differs from a standard temporary crown in that it is crafted to last you months and not just weeks. Once the tooth is stabilized, it is ready for biologic shaping.

Following surgery, your bone and gum tissues will require 12 weeks of healing before you can return to our office for the final steps. Do not worry! This does not mean you will be in pain for 12 weeks. Most patients report that soreness lasts from 5-10 days only. Once you return to your periodontist for a final tissue check, you will be cleared to return to our office for your impressions to be taken and provisional crowns crafted, if needed, due to changes in your gum tissue. Your final restorations should be ready in two to three weeks when you will return for them to be permanently cemented into place.

Do You Need Biologic Shaping?

If you want to stop bone loss and preserve the health of your gums and teeth, you will need biologic shaping when recommended. Without it, your bone will continue to pull away from your teeth due to the detrimental effects of bacteria and inflammation. This is irreversible, so taking action when our team recommends is crucial. 

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