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Aug 15

One of the first steps of the dental implant process is to have your tooth or teeth removed. Then once your gums have had time to heal, one of our dentists at Gentle Dentistry will surgically place the dental implant itself. To make sure that your gums heal properly and that you don’t get an infection, we […]

Apr 15

One stop shopping isn’t just for shoppers who go to Target and Walmart. Here at Gentle Dentistry, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer patients a variety of dental services all in one spot— that way you won’t have to feel like you’re being juggled from one dentist to the next. Whether you need your […]

Jan 15

If living a healthier, happier life is one of your top priorities for 2018, then we have got you covered. As a part of the body that is often neglected, your mouth plays a serious role in your overall health and happiness which means that you should move your oral health to the top of […]

Dec 15

Did you know that the human mouth is full of bacteria? Even by just opening your mouth to breathe or talk, bacteria can enter your mouth and make a home on your dentures, gums, cheeks, and tongue. And when you add food into the mix, it just makes your mouth a breeding ground for things such […]

Jun 23

What types of facial cosmetic procedures are available in your office? One of my goals is to give my patients a beautiful smile, not just beautiful teeth. The soft tissue surrounding the mouth can be as important as the color or the position of teeth. That’s why I offer Botox and fillers to my patients. […]

Jun 16

Why is your prevention program essential for overall health and well being? We now recognize many important connections between oral health and systemic health. If improving and maintaining oral health can ultimately improve overall health, that’s exciting. As a matter of fact, if a healthy mouth could lead to a healthier patient, then medical costs […]

Jun 02

Dr. A describes the different kinds of veneers and when they are indicated… Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain we apply to the outer surface of the tooth to give it a natural, but improved look, as well as strengthen the tooth. These are successful options in patients that are looking to improve color, […]

May 19

What do you say to patients who think they are too old for dental implants? I tell my patients that they can be a dental implant candidate at any age. Actually, age is not a deterrent for dental implants. If you can undergo a basic, routine dental procedure, then you are a candidate for dental […]

May 04

How do you make dentistry affordable at Gentle Dentistry? We do everything in our power to make dentistry financially feasible for our patients to get the work done that they need to have done. We have found that it’s not always the total cost of the treatment that’s the barrier, if we can break that […]

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