Are Implants or Dentures Better?

senior couple hug and smile after learning the benefits of dental implants vs. dentures

When you lose your teeth, you can face many challenges. Thankfully, there are great tooth replacement options that restore your smile. Between implants and dentures, which is better? Let’s explore the differences:

How They Look & Feel

A dental implant is a biocompatible post that’s surgically implanted in your jawbone. Once fused, it replaces the missing tooth root and preserves your jawbone density. A restoration like a crown, over-denture, or implant-supported bridge goes on top. A dental implant is the closest replacement to a real tooth, so talking and eating is easy. Dental implants also look very natural.

Traditional dentures are made from a gum-like acrylic base and false teeth. They’re held in place by strong adhesive. It takes your mouth some time to get used to dentures, but as your cheeks get stronger, talking and chewing become more natural. Unlike implants, they don’t protect your bone density.

How Long They Last & How They’re Cared For

Implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. With proper care, they can last the rest of your life. If something happens to the restoration – like the crown breaks – it’s usually a simple fix. Dentures can last 7-10 years if they’re taken care of.

You care for dental implants the same way you care for your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular trips to the dentist protect your oral health. Traditional dentures require more specialized care. You remove them for cleaning and soak them overnight to give your mouth a break.

How Much They Cost

The dental implant process is typically more expensive than dentures, but it depends. You’ll know the cost after your first consultation, so you can decide before the treatment starts.

At Gentle Dentistry, Are Implants or Dentures Better?

Dental implants and the different restoration options have many advantages over traditional dentures. If you’re a good candidate, we believe implants are the best replacement. Dr. Rasmussen and the team will assess your needs and let you know your options. No matter how you replace your missing teeth, we’re here to help you restore your smile, chewing function, and confidence! If you have any questions about tooth replacements or want to set up a consultation, please contact our Tampa office today.

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