Why You Should Get Overdentures

If you keep getting oral infections or if you keep having to have teeth pulled for whatever reasons, then we may recommend dentures to help restore your smile and to prevent you from having any more teeth pulled. Although traditional dentures are excellent at restoring smiles, they aren’t always comfortable, and some patients don’t like the fact that you can take them out so easily. What if we told you though that you could get the benefits of dentures without the hassle?

What Are Overdentures?

With traditional dentures, your dentures rest on your gums, but that can cause irritation, chaffing, or just overall discomfort. Overdentures are dentures that are placed over existing teeth or over dental implants. When they are placed over something other than just gums, they won’t move around or chaff which makes them a whole lot more comfortable and it makes them more sturdy so that they don’t move around.

What Are the Benefits?

Other than overdentures being a lot more comfortable, our patients like them because:

  • You can eat with them in more easily than with traditional dentures
  • They look natural
  • They give you confidence
  • They don’t move around
  • They restore your smile
  • Am I A Good Candidate?

    To be deemed a good candidate for traditional dentures, you need to have all teeth removed. However, with overdentures, we only recommend them to patients who have several missing teeth (and would need dental implants) or if you don’t have any teeth. If you still have natural teeth, then your dentures can rest over the top, but if you don’t, then we can implant dental implants in your gums for the dentures to rest on.

    If you want to learn more about overdentures and whether or not they are right for you, contact our Tampa office today and give us a call at 813-922-3093.

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