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Implant Surgical Placement

While a lost tooth can lead to appearance and, more importantly, confidence and self-esteem issues, there are many dental health repercussions. This makes getting a tooth replacement so important. While many choices are available to patients who visit Gentle Dentistry in Tampa, Florida, there is only one “gold standard” for tooth replacement – a dental implant.

When you see somebody with a dental implant, the visible portion of the implant will be the dental crown. However, this is just one component of a dental implant. The implant resides within the jawbone and is considered crucial for a successful procedure. Patients in the Tampa, Florida, area trust the judgment and guidance of Drs. Angela Rasmussen and Amanda Del Cueto when it comes to helping locate a trusted surgeon for dental implant surgical placement.

The Basics

Dental implants are small screw-shaped titanium posts surgically embedded into the jawbone as a replacement root. A small incision must be made in the soft tissue to place a dental implant, allowing a small space to be created in the jawbone for implant placement. Incisions made during dental implant surgery will heal within a few days, but several months will be required for the jawbone to fuse to the implant through osseointegration. Once the entire process has been completed, an incredibly sturdy and strong anchor will have been created to attach a dental crown or other tooth restoration.

Other Facts About Dental Implant Placement You Should Know

  • When a dental implant is the best course of action, you will be referred to a surgeon who utilizes leading-edge diagnostic instruments. The use of digital technologies will give any doctor a clear and precise view of the inner anatomy of your mouth and head so that implant placement can be determined in a precise and accurate manner
  • Your surgeon will know, in advance, if any bone augmentation will be required to stabilize the implant and avoid any communication with sinuses. Bone grafting can be easily implemented into your plan of treatment
  • Because we like to practice complete health dentistry, your emotional well-being will always be considered. Our team will work closely with your surgeon to ensure any anxiety or fear you are facing about the procedure is known to them. These anxieties can be addressed using various forms of sedation that the surgeon may offer
  • Once implant placement is completed, you will return to Gentle Dentistry for your restoration, may that be a porcelain crown, implant bridge, or implant-supported denture

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