Why oral cancer screening is important

Oral Cancer | Gentle Dentistry | Tampa, FL Patients who reside in the area of Tampa, FL are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Angela Rasmussen to undergo a routine evaluation and cleaning. In addition to monitoring a patient’s oral health and wellness, the team at Gentle Dentistry will also perform an oral cancer screening.

What is an oral cancer screening?

There are few cancers that can be seen, which makes it easier to detect at an early stage and provide effective intervention before they become more serious. Along with skin cancer, oral cancer is another medical condition that can be seen and treated. Oral cancer may involve sores or growths inside the mouth, including the inside of the cheek, the gums, the tongue, and the throat.

Why have an oral cancer screening?

Cancer screenings are one way to check for the signs of problems early enough to provide interventional treatments. Many patients have breast cancer screenings and colonoscopies performed routinely to monitor for indications of a problem. The mouth is no different, and with each dental visit every six months, our patients will benefit from an oral cancer screening. If cancer is caught early, patients can treat the problem and maintain a healthy smile in more ways than one!

What to expect during an oral cancer screening

An oral cancer screening is a fast evaluation of the mouth to look for any signs of cancer. If there is an area of concern, the dentist will remove a small portion of the growth and send it to pathology. This laboratory will evaluate the sample to determine if there is cancer present. If the sample tests positive for cancer, the dentist will notify the patient and work with them in deciding the best possible course of treatment for their unique situation.

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Tampa, FL area patients who are ready to work with Dr. Angela Rasmussen and her team at Gentle Dentistry are urged to call her practice at (813) 922-3093 to visit her at 3500 East Fletcher Ave., Suite #221. Patients interested in oral cancer screenings or other dental work are welcome to call, whether they are new or existing patients to the practice.

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