How to Have a Healthy, Cavity-Free Thanksgiving

Preventative Dentistry Tampa, FLIf there’s one thing to be thankful for during this time of year it’s good physical and oral health. However, with just about everything either covered in raw sugar or marshmallows, the Thanksgiving season can feel like a disaster area for your mouth. To help you stay off the cavity wagon and maintain a healthy smile all season long, consider using these tips.

Drink more Water

Even though wine, coffee, and hot chocolate may be lurking around every corner, try to skip out on these beverages and drink more water instead. Not only can these beverages stain your teeth but they may contain a lot of sugar which only causes cavities and adds to your waistline. Water, on the other hand, is calorie-free, sugar-free, and will help encourage your mouth’s natural production of saliva which acts as a defense against harmful plaque and bacteria.

Eat More Cheese

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pull out all of the stops and make a delicious cheese plate. Although cheese is high in fat, it’s also high in calcium which is great for your teeth! Plus, who doesn’t like munching on a slice or two of cheese?

Brush Frequently

With holiday parties starting up, you may be getting home a lot later, and your schedule may be busier than ever— which can make you feel like you are falling out of your routine. Even though you might go to bed without washing your face at night, make sure that you don’t forget to brush your teeth. Regular tooth brushing is one of the best things you can do for your oral health and now is not the time to skip out on it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with a healthy smile. Schedule your dental cleaning at our Gentle Dentistry office today!

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