Is There a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Brush Your Teeth?

Oral Hygiene Tampa FLWhen it comes to something as simple as teeth brushing, it can seem like there’s no real right or wrong way to do it. You put some toothpaste on your brush and give it a go. Right? Well, you may actually be a bit surprised to learn that there are a right way and a wrong way to brush your teeth. Luckily, by making a few small adjustments in your tooth brushing habits, you can hopefully get a cleaner, cavity-free smile. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Don’t Brush Too Hard

It used to be that you could walk into any grocery store or drugstore and find medium and even hard bristled toothbrushes. However, research started to come out that these types of toothbrushes were causing more harm than good because they were eroding away at the enamel. Additionally, research also points to the fact that patients who brush too hard can also start to wear down their gumline— increasing their chances of gum disease.

Choose a Brush That’s a Good Size

Not all mouths are the same size. When you are choosing a toothbrush, make sure that you choose one that’s big enough to reach around your molars but not so big that it’s uncomfortable when you burhs. Because toothbrushes come in different shapes and sizes, it’s fairly easy to find one that is a good fit for your mouth.

Set a Timer

You may think that you can run your toothbrush across your teeth for 30 seconds and call it good, but according to The American Dental Association, people should brush for a full two minutes at a time. Two minutes should be enough time to thoroughly clean your teeth, get rid of germs and bacteria, and clean your tongue. Try setting a timer for a few days to mature that you are reaching that two-minute mark— you may be surprised to learn that you haven’t been brushing your teeth for as long as you thought.

Brushing your teeth is one of the easiest ways to fight off cavities and other oral conditions. However, you might be surprised that you may have been doing it wrong all along. By following these three simple tips, we hope that you’ll notice a cleaner, stronger, and healthier smile.

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