How to protect the smile from periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, or “gum disease,” is an infection that starts in the soft tissues of the mouth and can become a more serious problem. Gum disease can spread and cause the loss of gums, bone, and even teeth. However, this condition is 100% preventable with proper oral health habits which can greatly reduce risks.

How do I protect my smile from periodontal disease?

Prevention is key to keeping periodontal disease from developing in the first place. Dr. Angela Rasmussen of Gentle Dentistry encourages patients to learn about the ways to maintain oral health and reduce the chances of developing disease, infection, or cavities:

  • Brush after every meal. Sugars, acids, and other elements in our foods and beverages that stick to the surfaces of the teeth can cause the teeth to become susceptible to staining and discoloration, as well as cavities and disease. By brushing the teeth after every meal and snack, patients can remove these substances from the teeth and protect them.
  • Floss at least once a day. Food particles can easily become stuck between teeth, especially if the teeth are not properly aligned. Crevices and gaps with food particles may be easily susceptible to the development of dental problems. Flossing is essential in one’s daily oral health habits.
  • Getting routine cleanings and examinations. It is advised by the American Dental Association that patients visit their dentist twice a year for cleanings and a thorough examination. This allows the dentist the opportunity to look for signs of problems and, if found, provide a proper diagnosis and effective treatment in the earliest stages for the best possible outcome.
  • Call the dentist as soon as problems arise. Instead of ignoring pain, discomfort, or bleeding in the mouth, patients need to connect with their dentist as soon as possible to address any problems that can occur between routine visits. Taking action as soon as possible may not only keep the problem from becoming more damaging to the smile, but can ensure that treatment is affordable to treat.

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At Gentle Dentistry in Tampa, FL, we are pleased to provide patients with a selection of services to help them improve their oral health and wellness. If you are interested in discussing ways to maintain the health of your smile while avoiding the development of conditions such as periodontal disease, we welcome you to call our practice at (813) 922-3093. We are located at 3500 East Fletcher Avenue, Suite #221 and accept new patients and families into our facility.     

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