Dentures: Whats Right For You?

What are the different types of dentures that you provide for patients?

Dentures are appliances that replace missing teeth. Unlike natural teeth or implants, they’re not affixed to bone, so they are removable. A full denture replaces the full arch of teeth, whereas a partial denture replaces a few missing teeth. We supply these for our patients as a service, but we also find that most of our patients use this as a step towards an implant-supported denture or bridge. They want a more comfortable, stable denture alternative, which implants provide.

Our patients with implant-supported dentures find that they can speak, eat and smile with confidence, and these dentures look, fit and feel like natural teeth. The goal of any denture is to replace teeth and provide function and aesthetics, and we want to give our patients the best possible service.

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