Esthetic Services in The Dental Practice

Why should patients see Dr. A. for esthetic services.

* She has studied the facial muscles extensively in dental school.

* She is an expert on how facial muscles work.

* She has a very gentle injection technique already. She ices down the Botox sites and will numb for Fillers.

* She will be performing the injections herself, not a hired esthetician.

* She is a member and instructor for American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

This is a multi- disciplinary professional esthetic organization whose main focus is teaching the best non-surgical and non-  invasive facial and esthetic techniques to healthcare professionals world wide.

* She will educate you on the true facts of what Botox and Fillers really do.

*She will provide multiple services at one visit to accommodate scheduling needs and minimize the number of        appointments needed.

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