Facts about Crowns

A crown sometimes called “a cap” covers the tooth for a variety of reasons.

  • It’s primary purpose is to strengthen a tooth and restore it to the original shape & function. Improved cosmetics and a more natural appearance of your tooth is a secondary benefit.
  • At your dental visit we will offer you amenities to make you as comfortable as possible. Your menu of choices include:
  • Nitrous Oxide – helps you relax and makes time feel like it passes more quickly.
  • Headphones – it will eliminate extraneous noises.
  • Massage units – why not!
  • Hand Moisturizing Mitts – for relaxation and softening of the hands.
  • If there is something special you would like, please don’t be shy to ask. We would love to help you in anyway we can.

About your visit:

  • We will take impressions for our records and records needed for our laboratory
  • We will rebuild your tooth by removing all the old filling material and decay from the tooth. Next we will place a bonded foundation (build-up) into your tooth to restore it’s strength. This forms the shape necessary for the retention & shape of your new crown.
  • A master impression will be taken and sent to the laboratory.
  • The temporary crown will be fabricated next and cemented with a temporary cement.
  • While in the temporary crown you will be asked to:
  • Brush gently around the crown. Rinse with Closys rinse or a 50%/50% solution of water &hydrogen peroxide and gently floss the temporary crown. Pull the floss through not back through the contact.

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