What is Bonding and How Can It Improve Your Teeth?

How do you use bonding to make esthetic improvements in a tooth?

Bonding is a technique where we apply tooth-colored material to a tooth and bond it in place. I consider this a cosmetic option for teeth that have spaces between their teeth, when I want to change the contour of a tooth or chipped or cracked teeth. I’m cautious to use it in areas of heavy function, because it is a plastic, and it can chip or break, and also, because the bonding material is porous, it will incorporate stain over time, so I consider it more of a temporary cosmetic solution. Bonding can last a patient up to five to seven years depending on their diet and how well they clean their teeth. All this is going to influence how quickly the material will pick up stain.

The nice thing about bonding is the results are immediate. They’re done in the office, and you leave that day with a bonding in place, so it’s immediate gratification.

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