What is Included in a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

What are the components of your comprehensive new patient examination?

Our comprehensive, new-patient examination takes about an hour and a half, and we take that time to make sure we get all the information that we need to make an accurate diagnosis for each individual patient. We start with a thorough medical and dental history. We then do a full series of X-rays and a full set of photographs. I will do a thorough clinical examination, evaluating the patients’ teeth, gums and bite. We also do an oral cancer screening.

We take a base blood pressure and pulse. In addition, we will take study models and bite records if indicated. The nice thing about getting all these records is I can actually replicate the patient and study the patient’s needs and concerns while they’re away from the office so that when they come back, we can walk through all the options that might address their problems.

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