Why Dr. A Loves What She Does

Patients often ask Dr. A, “Why did you become a dentist and why are you so passionate about your profession?”. She answers the question below!

I kind of evolved into dentistry. When I was young, I knew I wanted to work with people, and I knew I wanted to do something that would improve their lives. When I entered university, I was actually thinking of psychiatry. That freshman summer I had the opportunity to work with a dentist, and I fell in love with the dental profession and never looked back. I love what I do, and I’m passionate about what I do, because what I do makes patients smile.

It makes them healthier. It makes them happy. I feel blessed to do what I do, and I love every day of it, and I think my passion has rubbed off on my children as all four of them are now in dentistry. Being a dentist, there’s a lot of psychological aspects we have to deal with – of course, fear. That’s one of the biggest things we have to deal with, and uncertainty, a lot of things that we just try to make the patients comfortable with, talk them through. Getting to know our patients, having them trust us, that’s a great thing.

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