Why Do We Call Ourselves “Gentle Dentistry”?

Why Is Your Practice Called “Gentle Dentistry”?

I call my practice Gentle Dentistry for a specific reason. You hear people all the time saying they hate going to the dentist, and I think a large part of that is due to the fear of pain. I promise my patients I will not hurt them. When I established my practice over 30 years ago and every day since, I said, “I will not hurt you.” Quite the contrary, I want this to be a relaxing, gentle experience.

We have several techniques to try and keep our patients comfortable. First, we reassure them. We get them seated comfortably in the chair, talk to them about what’s going to be done that day, answer any questions they may have, take away any anxieties they might have about the procedures. Then, we offer things like nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”. This is a great way to take your mind off what we’re doing, and the nice thing about nitrous oxide is that you can drive yourself to and from the appointment because there is no lingering effect.

We offer things like headsets to minimize outside background noise. We have warming mitts for your hands so you can be comfortable, relaxing while we’re working with you. We apply topical anesthetic before we do anything with the patient. We tell the patients they’re in full control. If you have any issues at all, you just lift your hand, let us know.

We’re there to serve you, and we reassure them that’s what we’re here for. After the procedure is over, a lot of patients say, “That was great.” Matter of fact, several of them have fallen asleep during the procedure and said, “I don’t even realize I was here that long.” So, it’s a nice experience. That’s a compliment to us. We want our patients comfortable while they’re in the chair.

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