Dental Bonding in Tampa, FL

What Is Dental Bonding ?

Dental Bonding is the use of white (tooth-colored) composite filling material for filling or repairing or making aesthetic improvements to a tooth. The procedure is technique-sensitive, which means the systems in the procedure have to be performed precisely and without error.

What To Consider With Dental Bonding

We will discuss the pros and cons of using tooth bonding for your specific situation. We will discuss all the options for fixing, filling or improving your tooth (teeth) so that you have all the information you need to decide which dental restoration is best for you. At Gentle Dentistry, we understand the precision needed to achieve top success using tooth-colored fillings.

What Are Composite Fillings?

White or teeth colored fillings have been a preferred method of filling teeth for decades. These fillings are an excellent option for a small cavity, replacing a small old mercury or composite filling and repairing an otherwise healthy tooth.

Limitations to Tooth Bonding

Limitations of the bonding material exist when the cavity or old filling is large, if the tooth to be restored has cracks or fractures, or if there are heavy chewing forces on the tooth to be restored. Sometimes a porcelain restoration is the better option than dental bonding.

Why See Dr. Rasmussen For Your Dental Bonding Procedure?

Dr. Rasmussen is a skilled perfectionist with all procedures, all the fine details are addressed to ensure success. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on leading-edge technology and advancements including the best bonding principles.

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