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At Gentle Dentistry it is our objective to preserve your natural teeth if at all possible. Sometimes we must resort to dentures and implant supported bridgework.
You may have a pre-existing denture or partial denture you want replaced with something better fitting and better looking. If there is massive decay and advanced periodontal disease present, than these too are your most predictable and effective options.

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Traditional Dentures

Dentures are held in the mouth by nothing more than passive retention. This means that impressions are taken of the mouth (without teeth) and dentures are fabricated precisely to the underlying tissue.

Typically, people who have dentures have to rely on denture adhesive to keep the denture in place.

This is especially the case on the lower denture because the ridge of bone on the lower is a lot less substantial than that of the upper arch, so the denture “flops” around more. The upper denture is usually the more stable denture as it utilizes the surface area of the upper palate for added retention.

Over Dentures

An Over Denture is a denture that is attached to dental implants. This option definitely helps to stabilize or retain the denture in the mouth. The denture will actually “click” into place.

As far as dentures go, this is a much more stable and secure option. It is our opinion that all lower dentures should be an over denture, so that we can restore our patients’ confidence to chew, speak and smile again.

Implant Bridges / Dentures

This is the most ideal situation as it is fixed in the mouth. You do not remove this! Implants will replace the missing teeth (typically 4-6 implants can replace up to 14 teeth) and your bridge is actually attached to them. The advantage to implant bridges is that they are the most stable and aesthetic option for missing teeth.

To learn more about what your dental implant options are, schedule a consultation with our Top Tampa Dentist, Dr. Angela Rasmussen.

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