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Your First Visit

We appreciate that you have chosen Gentle Dentistry in Tampa, Florida, as the home for your dental needs!

What You Should Expect During Your First Visit

Your first dental visit at Gentle Dentistry will help you establish yourself as a patient. Drs. Loc Tong or Angela Rasmussen will begin by examining your medical history to provide you with the tools necessary to become your healthiest self.

Your first visit at Gentle Dentistry will last around two hours, with the first half dedicated to taking any necessary X-rays and dental photos and performing a thorough dental examination. The second half will be spent with one of our dental hygienists, who will take measurements to evaluate the current health of your gums and bone tissue. During this evaluation, your hygienist will also measure any areas of gum recession or mobility.

Our staff is here to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease when discussing your treatment options, understanding the necessity of such treatment, and finally carrying out your treatment.

Digital Photos

We will take a series of digital diagnostic photos to help our team diagnose any existing cavities, infections, bone loss, or root fractures.

Digital X-Rays

When you visit Gentle Dentistry for your first appointment, we will take a series of digital X-rays. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-rays utilize digital technology to create images that are projected onto a computer screen for both you and your dentist to see. We will take a full series of digital X-rays to look for oral health concerns, including cavities, infections, root fractures, and bone loss.

Intraoral Photos

Using a specialized camera, we can take intimate, up-close photos of your teeth.

Intra and Extra-oral Exam

Dr. Tong or Dr. Rasmussen will perform an in-depth exam of your teeth, evaluate your lymph nodes and TMJ, and perform an oral cancer screening. Our team will also conduct an evaluation aimed at detecting signs of airway disorder (also called obstructive sleep apnea).

If it is determined that specific and personalized treatment is necessary, we have an on-site treatment coordinator who works with Drs. Tong and Rasmussen to answer any questions you may have. We welcome you to schedule a consultation to discuss all your dental needs.

Please call our Tampa, Florida, office today at (813) 734-7102 for scheduling. Our team looks forward to meeting you when you come in for your new patient examination.