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Dr. Loc Tong, Dr. Angela Rasmussen, and their dedicated team believe in providing the best possible care to patients in and around their community. Our mission is to offer patients the finest cosmetic and restorative dental care solutions alongside unsurpassed customer service. As a team of expert and enthusiastic professionals, we continually challenge ourselves to be leaders in our field. Our team is dedicated to giving patients something to smile about! Above all else, we want our patients to know how much we care and listen to their needs and desires to make the most educated recommendations.

What services are offered at Gentle Dentistry of Tampa, Florida?

Our dental team is pleased to ensure patients have access to a wide range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental solutions for their smiles. Below are just a few of the services that we provide in our practice with our skilled dental team:

  • Cosmetic dentistry – Patients seeking aesthetic solutions are excited to learn about the treatments we provide to enhance the smile. Treatment includes dental bonding, professional teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers, facial rejuvenation, and Invisalign orthodontics.
  • Restorative dentistryPatients with an imperfect smile or unexpected dental damage will need to speak to our dental team about our restorative dental solutions. These may include dentures, dental implants, porcelain crowns, fillings, and even full mouth reconstruction.
  • Preventative dentistry – at the forefront of good oral health is preventative care, where patients take a proactive approach to keeping the smile healthy. Preventative solutions include oral hygiene education, cleanings and examinations, and oral cancer screenings.

Discuss your needs with our team at Gentle Dentistry.

Tampa, Florida, residents seeking a dental practice that meets and exceeds their oral healthcare needs are welcome to book a consultation with Dr. Loc Tong or Dr. Angela Rasmussen. Our professionals are here to listen to your dental needs and provide solutions that ensure the best possible results. We are conveniently located at 3500 East Fletcher Avenue, Suite #221, and accept new patients and families in the community. Call us at (813) 734-7102 for an appointment.

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Dr. Loc Tong

Dr. Loc Tong

Angela Rasmussen, D.D.S

Dr. Angela Rasmussen, D.D.S.

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When you visit Gentle Dentistry in Tampa, Florida, you can expect an experience that is more than simply filling your teeth and cavities. Dr. Loc Tong and Dr. Angela Rasmussen, D.D.S., understand that oral health is the gateway to overall health and well-being. While a healthy and beautiful smile will give you a sense of pride and self-confidence, we also consider the link between your dental and whole-body health. We accomplish this via the wide-ranging and comprehensive services we provide to patients. From restorative and preventative dental treatments to cosmetic and facial aesthetic treatments, we strive to be the one-stop shop you can depend on for all your dental needs.

Dr. Tong and Dr. Rasmussen believe in constantly challenging themselves and continuing their education, so they are able to offer patients the finest dental care solutions utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and treatments. Drs. Tong and Rasmussen believe in a team approach to dental care, working together to ensure that each patient receives the quality care they deserve. They believe that a top priority should be the patient’s comfort, so they work together to ensure that each patient they see is comfortable, relaxed, and supported while in their care. All concerns presented by their patients are attentively listened to so they can better address dental and overall wellness issues. We want to be your teammate on this journey to dental wellness! Consultations are typically completed with both doctors present to provide truly personalized care.

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Everyone wants a healthy smile with teeth free from decay and gum disease. But everyone also wants to have a beautiful smile.

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“My priority is giving patients the best possible smile, not only aesthetically but health-wise too. Every individual is unique, so we work to meet their smile goals, if not immediately, then over time.”

~Dr. Rasmussen~

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