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Enjoy the benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings for cavities

Just about everyone has at least one filling. The condition leading to a filling, dental decay, is the most common disease in the world. You may think of it as getting a cavity, but that’s not accurate. The term probably originated from the fact that when the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth, a cavity is left.

Of course, that cavity can’t be left to fill up with debris; it needs to be filled. Hence, the name “filling.” At Gentle Dentistry, we remove decay and place fillings in teeth every day. But where the standard filling formerly was silver amalgam, Dr.Tong and Dr. Rasmussen feel white tooth fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, are superior, especially aesthetically.

Benefits Of White Fillings For Cavities

Dr. Tong and Dr. Rasmussen prefer composite resin for filling teeth. These fillings match the color of natural tooth enamel to ensure an unnoticeable appearance and are free from mercury and metal. Tooth-colored fillings require the dentist to remove less healthy tooth structure, and the filling is bonded to the tooth to strengthen it. This tooth-colored restoration is highly desirable by both patient and dentist.

Are Composite Fillings Durable?

Earlier forms of composite resin for fillings weren’t as strong as they are today. Technological changes in resin keep improving its strength. Early resins were only recommended for small fillings and not indicated on back teeth.

That is not true today, as Dr. Tong and Dr. Rasmussen place composite fillings on all teeth. That explains why composite fillings have become more popular than those ugly silver amalgam fillings. You can expect to get five to seven years out of these restorations before replacement is needed.

How Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Placed?

The process for removing the decayed portion of the tooth is the same. Once the decay is gone and the tooth is clean, the space is shaped to prepare it for the filling. The space is then etched with an acid gel to aid bonding between the resin and the tooth. The composite resin is then placed in layers, hardened each time with a light. After the filling is complete, any uneven spots are removed, and the tooth is polished.

Can Metal Fillings Be Replaced with Composite Fillings?

Many patients now choose to have their silver amalgam fillings removed and restored with composite resin materials. The process is not complex, and it can strengthen your tooth. As silver amalgam expands and contracts, it can crack a tooth. It is especially true as the filling and the tooth age. Your new tooth-colored filling will be virtually invisible.

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Dr. Loc Tong, D.D.S.

Dr. Tong

Angela Rasmussen, D.D.S.

Dr. Rasmussen

Dr. Loc Tong and Dr. Angela Rasmussen are the two experienced dentists at Gentle Dentistry, serving the communities of Tampa, FL.

Loc Tong, DDS, the practice owner, obtained his Bachelors of Science in Biology from Nova Southeastern University, his Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Barry University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, DC.

Dr. Tong is proficient in all facets of general dentistry and is particularly interested in implant and cosmetic dentistry. He is an active member of professional organizations, like the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and Florida Dental Association. He is committed to serving underserved communities globally.

Angela Rasmussen, DDS, is an alumnus of Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY, and State University of New York, Buffalo. She completed a General Practice Residency and was Chief Resident at University Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. She received her Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Rasmussen is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, AGD, Academy of Osseointegration, Florida Dental Association, West Coast Dental Association, and Hillsborough County Dental Association. She is dedicated to continuous education and has received many industry honors.
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