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May 06

Patients who reside in the area of Tampa, FL, are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Loc Tong or Dr. Angela Rasmussen to undergo a routine evaluation and cleaning. In addition to monitoring a patient’s oral health and wellness, the team at Gentle Dentistry will also perform an oral cancer screening. What Is […]

Jun 15

Hearing that you have the “C” word isn’t exactly something that anybody wants to hear. Here at our office, we see patients for a variety of oral conditions including oral cancer. What if we told you that, for the most part, oral cancer can be prevented? Let’s take a closer look at four things that may […]

Sep 15

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that patients visit the dentist every six months for a dental cleaning to help prevent against common oral conditions like cavities and gum disease but did you also know that you should go to the dentist for oral cancer screenings as well? What’s An Oral Cancer Screening? The good news about […]

Sep 15

If you are a chronic smoker or drinker, did you know that you are at nearly a 100% increase of getting oral cancer than those who aren’t? If that number alone doesn’t scare you, then maybe some of the symptoms of this terrible disease will. From mouth sores to lumps, this article will list the […]

Feb 10

How do your screen your patients for oral cancer? My oral cancer screening involves a thorough history and physical exam. I will visually inspect and palpate the head, neck and oral region. I manually palpate the floor of the mouth. I’ll protract the tongue and inspect the borders and the base, and I also look […]

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