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Aug 30

Good oral health habits are important for everyone, including children. Even if your child only has baby teeth, we encourage daily oral healthcare practices to prevent tooth decay. This is because strong, healthy baby teeth that fall out on their own lead to strong, healthy adult teeth. There are many ways to reduce your child’s […]

Jul 15

It’s safe to say that parenting teenagers may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Not only are teenagers naturally defiant, but they rarely listen to what you tell them— no matter how much sense it may make. If you have noticed your teenager’s dental hygiene falling behind and nagging them isn’t getting you anywhere, […]

Jun 15

As one of the most common oral diseases, gingivitis or gum disease is something that the CDC reports about 47% of American adults have. As a disease that affects adults from twenty years old on up, gingivitis can impact just about anyone at any time. To help you learn more about this oral disease, we […]

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