Facts About Tooth Colored Fillings

Desire to replace outdated mercury (silver) fillings so you can  maintain a white beautiful smile… well, composite fillings are more than just attractive!

  • Did you know they are environmentally non-toxic because they use no mercury?
  • Did you know that composite fillings are stronger because they bond directly to the surface of the tooth?
  • Did you know that composite fillings require less tooth removal.

Composite fillings can be used through out the mouth. They typically last five to ten years depending on the location of the restoration, an individual’s occlusion (bite) and several other factors (habits, clenching, grinding etc.).


What to expect at your dental visit….

We will offer amenities to make you as comfortable as possible. Your menu of choices include:

  • Nitrous Oxide – helps you relax and makes time feel like it passes quickly.
  • Headphones- it will eliminate extraneous noise
  • Chair Massage units- why not!!
  • Hand moisturizing and Heated Mitts- for relaxation and softening of your hands
  • If there is something special you would like, please don’t be shy and ask.

Dr. A. will prepare your tooth by removing the old filling and any decay that may be present. Your tooth will be disinfected, desensitized and restored with a bonded composite filling material. Once adjusted and polished only your Dentist will know for sure if there is filling there!!

We are constantly asked the question “When can I eat?”, the answer is immediately!! These fillings are instantly set by a curing light. Just like you natural teeth, fillings need ongoing care, such as regular cleanings and fluoride treatments and especially good home care (brushing and flossing). Remember you have a big investment and you want to keep it that way… looking and feeling great.



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